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Pellet Stoves

We do not recommend pellet stoves or pellet fireplace inserts at this time, here's some of the reasons why:

  • In our area, pellet stoves are generally more expensive to heat with compared to natural gas, propane or wood stoves.

  • Pellet stoves are usually less reliable than gas or wood stoves, and they often require expensive replacement parts during the life of the stove.

  • Pellet stoves require very frequent cleaning to operate properly.

  • Pellet stoves require electricity to operate, gas and wood stoves do not require electricity. So, gas or wood stoves are a great source of backup heat if your power goes out. If the power goes out and you have a pellet stove, you don't have any heat.

  • Pellet stoves are more difficult to use than a gas stove. With a gas stove you can instantly turn it on and off as needed. A pellet stove takes longer to startup and shutdown and you lose efficiency if you start it up and shut it down frequently.

  • Pellet stove fires don't look that good compared to the fire you get from a gas stove or wood stove.

We recommend anyone interested in a pellet stove to consider a gas or wood stove or fireplace insert.

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